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TWINSUN is a hybrid thermo-photovoltaic system.
The TWINSUN panel is a hybrid thermal photovoltaic module (PVT). It produces electrical energy and thermal energy.
It is built using the application of a heat exchanger on the rear surface (the surface opposite the one receiving solar irradiation) where a fluid flows and heats up due to the heat that the solar radiation transmits to the photovoltaic cells and which is not transformed into electrical energy. A special high density polyurethane thermal insulation protection maximises thermal energy production, making any energy loss due to convention negligible.

TWINSUN hybrid module can produce:
− 1.1 Domestic hot water (DHW)
− 1.2 DHW and heating
− 1.3 DHW, winter and conditioning
− 1.4 Cooling of the photovoltaic system


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