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Solar eclipses happen during the new moon phase, when Sun - Moon – Earth are aligned and the orbital planes intersect each other.
In Europe the last total solar eclipse happened on 11th August 1999 and the next will be on 20st March 2015.
It will be the only day in which Eclipse Italia photovoltaic modules will not produce any energy.
“Eclipse Italia” believes in renewable energy as a form of protection of the environment we live in.
Our aim is to improve our customers’ life quality using technologically advanced products with a low environmental impact.
“Eclipse Italia” photovoltaic panels are top quality products thanks to the reliable materials selected and our production process, carried out with consistently tested cutting edge equipment, all exclusively “Made in Italy”.
All Eclipse Italia panels have their own code which identifies not only the single product itself but also each and every material used to make it.
Thanks to computerized management and rigorous tests carried out during the production process Eclipse Italia can offer its customers a continuing assistance over time.
In addition, thanks to its location on Italian soil, Eclipse Italia can fully identify and meet its customers’ requirements.

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