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Quality - Environment - Safety

The environment policy of Eclipse Italia

The main objectives of ECLIPSE ITALY s.r.l.
Quality - Environment - Safety policy are:

  • Obtain satisfaction for our customers demands and expectations through internal supplier-customer process optimising and anticipating future expectations;
  • Seek the optimisation of business processes in order to ensure compliance with environmental protection requirements in terms of prevention and containment of environmental impact and resource consumption, and to promote greater environmental awareness;
  • Constantly improve working conditions in order to operate more safely with no injuries;
  • Apply the model of Quality System - Environment - Safety as a tool to improve the Company's management efficiency.

In particular, Management, in order to practically pursue these four broad objectives, considers it essential that measurable objectives are set for the Integrated System. These objectives may change from year to year and will be established in the Management Review and formalised within the relevant procedures. With this document the General Management hereby undertakes to:

  • pursue the aforementioned macro-objectives;
  • provide all necessary resources, both human and otherwise, consistent with the expense budget and the structural limits of the company in order to continuously improve the Integrated System;
  • disseminate the contents of this policy to all employees and anyone externally who is interested;
  • promote the professional development of staff through appropriate training plans starting with new recruits;
  • comply with all legal provisions and the applicable legal and/or regulatory requirements relating to the Integrated System, as well as all applicable environmental and safety provisions which may be stipulated under customer contracts;
  • pay due attention to every report coming from citizens, supervisory authorities or a Government administration in respect to any non-virtuous behaviour towards the environment by the company;
  • improve primary business processes in order to prevent and/or minimise impact on the environment, in particular through the promotion of separate waste collection, pushing the use of clean technologies as much as possible or at least aimed at the containment of resource use;
  • seek continuous improvement by ensuring that the environmental impact of the activities and those related to safety at the workplace are identified and transformed into requirements during product creation;
  • involve and make aware the whole company structure to maintain informed behaviour towards the environment, taking account of all stakeholders;
  • involve employees in decisions regarding safety through proposed divisions (RLS);
  • perform periodic progress reviews and Integrated System checks on the basis to establish new strategies, policies and new business goals.

The Manager of the Integrated System (IMSM) is entrusted with the responsibility and authority for the establishment of the system and monitoring its implementation by all other functions concerned. The (IMSM) must provide for the implementation of the Integrated System and record the corporate structure and make it known to all functions and people who, by their actions, contribute to achieving the objectives set.

All staff within ECLIPSE ITALIA s.r.l. must:

  • endeavour to comply with laws and procedures and business practices;
  • comply with all prevention and protection measures from safety risks envisaged;
  • act in a spirit of collaboration with their colleagues and with the company to safeguard their own health and that of others;
  • undertake to continuously improve in all areas of the business;
  • try to understand and establish and then anticipate customer needs;

If the opinions of two or more business functions are different with reference to topics relating to the Integrated System, the dispute shall be resolved by Management that, in any case, takes action not inconsistent with that provided by the system itself.



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