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Since 2008, Eclipse Italia Srl has been active in the development and production of photovoltaic modules based on crystalline silicon technology.
The company is managed by technicians with many years of experience in the photovoltaic world and depends on a group of important investors who have a long-standing vocation for industry.
The beginning of Eclipse Italia Srl activities was steered by agreements with an important Swiss Company in the field of renewable energy. This partnership favored a rapid start-up phase and the immediate attainment of all necessary certifications to enable the prompt launch of top quality products on the market. Eclipse Italia was certified by TUV and received as one of the first producers in Italy the “Made in EU” certificate (according to the IV Conto Energia guidelines GSE 07/2011).
Since there is a very tight relationship between quality and environmental impact, Eclipse Italia chose to produce according to the rules of the green economy by limiting the emissions and by using natural and fully recyclable products.
With high performance levels and very narrow power tolerances, Eclipse photovoltaic modules have been highly-valued in both the domestic and international markets.
Eclipse Italia started from the end in order to fulfill the end-users’ requirements, from his lifestyle and from the way he uses electricity.
The “green power”, extremely useful for the industrial sector but also for the private consumers.
Therefore it will not be a case sitting into a house supplied by the energy produced by Eclipse Italia modules or working into a company which chose PV technology.

Eclipse Italia gives the right meaning to words such as: listening, passion, global quality, dynamism and environmental awareness. They stand for continuous care to every phase of the production process, according to the best concept of “Made in Italy”.


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